Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yesterday when I was signing on to MySpace I glanced over at the celebrity updates, and saw Owen Benjamin's status update, which read something like, "I'm bringing the word 't'was' back, so when people ask, 'Hey Owen, how was the party?' I can tell them, 'T'was good.'" Pfft, I've been saying "t'was", "t'is", and "t'night" even before Pirate became a legitimate language choice on Facebook (I'm serious, check your settings).

Now I would have loved to copy and paste the exact wording on here, but MySpace dosen't post status updates on the person's profile for some reason. It's funny how a website, when desperate, can copy every major aspect of its competitor's pages (such as applications, mutual friends, status updates, etc.), yet miss all the miniscule yet significant details that make other sites so much easier to navigate.

Oh, and by the way, Owen Benjamin ("He's got two first names!"), is probably better known as the guy who played the loyal bartender in The House Bunny. Personally, I think he looks like a younger version of Craig Ferguson from The Late Late Show.


Featuring Craig Ferguson is Niagara Motel. It's one of those films that you would never rent or even watch for free online, but merely pick up and glance over while at the $5 bucket in your local video store. But I managed to pick it up from the library and it turned out to be quite decent, at least for those who've been to Niagara Falls and wondered what it would be like swimming off the edge.

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